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Ferrell Realty Company

Q: What's your business hours?
A: We open at 9:00 AM and close at 5:30 PM on weekdays. We're not open on weekends.

Q: Can you show me a property during the weekend?
A: See the first question.

Q: Can you show me a property during the weekday?
A: Now you're talking! Call 336-721-3000 and make an appointment.

Q: How can I get an apartment/house?
A: You need to fill out the application and provide the information we need to process it. If you get approved, then we'll work with you to get you the apartment you want.

Q: What info do you need along with the application?
A: It varies... but generally, we'll need copies of a valid government-issued photo ID and your Social Security card/ITIN. We'll also need copies of at least two pay stubs to verify proof of income. You can bring the originals to our office and we'll make the copies.
Q: Do you accept tenants on disability?
A: Yes. We'll need a copy of the letter you receive every year stating how much you get in disability payments, along with copies of a valid government-issued photo ID and your Social Security card/ITIN. You can bring the originals to our office and we'll make the copies.
Q: Is there an application fee?
A: Yes. For one person, it's $20. For married couples, it's $30. There is a $10 fee for authorized occupants if they're over the age of 18. There is no charge for anyone 18 and under, including children. For anyone wanting to co-lease with someone they're not married to, it's $20 per person. All application fees are NOT refundable and will not be applied to anything else but processing the application.

Q: How do I pay the application fee?
A: Money order. No cash. No checks. No credit cards. No debit cards. Just money orders.

Q: Does everyone get approved?
A: Nope. We do run income, criminal and credit checks as part of the application process. You can be denied if something comes up during those checks.

Q: Is approval based on income?
A: Yes. You can be denied if your monthly income is 3 times less than the rent. If you're over that, you're OK. If you're not, you will need someone to co-sign your lease before it can be approved.

Q: What do you look for in a criminal check?
A: We do not accept anyone convicted of a sex offense, no matter when it was committed. Anyone with almost any kind of criminal conviction in the past 7 years is usually denied.

Q: What if my credit score is bad?
A: We don't normally reject applicants based on credit score. The main thing we look for is that you don't owe money to any utility companies or to any previous landlords. As long as that doesn't show up on your credit report, you're probably OK.
Q: Do we accept pets?
A: We do not accept any kind of pets in our apartments. For houses, we do. The pet deposit is $250.

Q: What's the deal with utilities?
A: With some apartments, we'll pay for the water. We noted those apartments on their individual pages. You're on your own for everything else.

Q: Do you have any Section 8/MOD housing?
A: Sometimes. Generally, we do not. We will list which properties accept Section 8/MOD on their individual pages.

Q: Are you guys the actual landlords of all these properties? 
A: Yes. We own the buildings and do all the maintenance.
Q: How long are the leases? 
A: Generally, for 1 year. Depending on the situation, we will accept 6-month leases or summer rentals. Get in touch with us and we'll try to work something out.
Q: Do you ever sell any properties?
A: We are selling many of our homes at this time. If you're interested in buying, give us a call at 336-721-3000. You can also visit the "Houses" page to see what's available.
Q: Do you rent out commercial properties?
A: We do. Call 336-721-3000. We might have a home for your business.

Q: My question isn't here. How can I get my question answered?
A: Use the phone number or e-mail below.

Address: 854 West 5th Street, Winston-Salem, NC, 27101
Hours: 9 AM - 5:30 PM (Monday-Friday)
Tel: (336) 721-3000
Fax: (336) 723-1160